Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Wildlife - Birds; Butterflies and Bunnies

The allotment provides ample opportunities to observe the wildlife and be close to Nature. As I listened to the birds tweeting in the Hawthorn hedge above the shed

something caught my eye in the plot next to mine belonging to Mr Production.

Amongst the Brassicas and the Broccoli - a movement - a little flash of brown. For a moment it disappeared before emerging beneath the raspberry canes in my plot and into full view on the path.

A little brown bunny - could it be the same one that I saw hiding in the Columbines?
Unhurriedly the little rabbit hopped up the step and into the herb beds

where he disappeared from view again,

re-emerging under the boundary fence 

beneath the thornless blackberries.

Unperturbed at my presence 

the bunny settled down to nibble contentedly at the grass.

A rabbit dinner that my fellow allotmenteers could not complain about.

I have always endeavoured to ensure that the plot is a haven for wildlife and thus Teasels and Verbena have swarmed with bees. However despite constantly monitoring the Verbena I have only ever witnessed Small Tortoiseshell and Cabbage White butterflies perched upon the flowers. 

But today at last I saw a Peacock butterfly. Amazingly though it was not attracted to the Verbena or the Teasels - but was instead taking time to admire itself......

on the front grill of my Mini


parked in Sweet Pea Lane outside the plot.

Later as I drove home from the allotment I noticed something perched high upon the lamppost at the end of the road.

A squirrel

But is it a red or a grey squirrel - or a bit of both?


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