Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Picture Perfect

This summer's hot sunny days transformed our local towns and villages from grey and dull to  Mediterranean luminosity. The holiday vibe was everywhere and so we downed tools at La Petite Maison and headed off to the coast.

The sea was azure blue, still as a mill pond except for the little waves lapping lazily against the clean white sand. 

We picnicked upon the beach - summer food and a glass of wine. 

The beach was deserted save for four children and their dog who could almost have been straight from the covers of my old Enid Blyton books, 

as they wandered slowly along the waters edge towards the wooden stile separating the little bay from the dune meadow full of wildflowers, butterflies and birds, 

and rocks that tumbled gently to the sea.

There are hidden coves and bays - one of where a lone yacht lay anchored.

Later we travelled a short distance around the coast to the picturesque, quaint old-time fishing village which I would describe as "Cornish-style".

The village is tiny - consisting of one main street with charming cottages off to both sides and larger pastel shaded Georgian houses on the upper-side with spectacular views and an old castle.

At the small harbour a ferry connects to the village on the other side of the lough.

I wandered down to the little quay and for a while sat dangling my feet above the water, soaking up the sun's rays and gazing at the little boats and the shore side cottages - which I see every time I look at the two oil paintings (both by the same artist) that hang upon the walls at home depicting this very scene.

(I remember another sunny afternoon - sitting on the quay twenty-five years ago when this was being painted)

As the day stretched towards a balmy evening we ventured inland around the lough, 

the red and pink valerian looked stunning growing in tiny cracks along the old stone walls.

At the lightship we stopped briefly 

before ending our day at the little restaurant on the island and for me another glass of wine - well it was a holiday after all!!


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