Thursday, 3 September 2015

No Longer Missing!

Today we had a surprise visitor to La Petite Maison. A thinner and rather fragile Evie materialised out of nowhere in the garden as we stood planning out the layout for the new pond. She appeared to be pleased to be reunited with us, (nearly as delighted as we were to see her), even though she was a more nervous little cat than before her traumatic ordeal.

Although her back leg was still shaky and she was not as agile in her mobility (limping noticeably), she still managed to bunny hop up the railway sleeper steps towards us.

The fur has not yet fully grown back on her damaged leg, and she is obviously not yet fully recovered, but the venture out doors after a six week confinement seemed to lift her spirits and she was soon checking out the garden for new scents, realising that in her absence other feline interlopers had trespassed onto her territory.

After a lot of gentle petting, she soon rediscovered the cat mint and purring quietly had a pleasurable time of rubbing her face against it, chewing it and then rolling languidly on top of a stem that I broke off for her, ecstatic in her Nepeta induced Nirvana.
The garden has progressed over the past few weeks, but with the return of Evie (formerly Molly), even though far from finished it seems more complete and I am very aware of the empty feel to the garden that her absence had created. 

(returning to her old resting place beneath the hedge)

I hope she will be around for a long time yet - to see the garden completed and start to mature. A living accessory to the garden, (just as Nigel is to Berryfields); but without whose comforting presence things just are not quite the same.