Monday, 27 April 2015

Tying Up The Loose Ends

After a few hiccups, the kitchen curtains are almost completed, albeit for a few loose ends to finish off. But as I have discovered with everything relating to La Petite Maison, it is the tying up of the loose ends that seem to take forever.

Easter has been and gone; the year is flying along so quickly I wonder where the time has gone? Oh Yes! That's right - quite a lot of it has been spent painting a staircase.

I took advantage of the glorious Spring Sunshine over the Easter week and made a start on the back garden,  by planting two young trees. Rowan (Pink Pagoda) and Crab Apple (Gorgeous). 


Not much to look at now, but they are at least establishing their roots and will soon provide height and structure to what is currently an unsightly weed and scaffolding plank strewn piece of ground. Lots of work is required over the next few months and I am afraid that my allotment will have to take a back seat, whilst my focus is on "Transforming The Garden".

The allotment last year.

Back inside La Petite Maison the second of the cupboards, 

skilfully made out of the old floorboards from the back room by The Elder of my Much-Appreciated Men-Folk has finally been positioned in place upon the wall in the kitchen.

I decided against lime-washing it in the way that I had the bathroom cabinet, and instead painted it in Eggshell with the same Slaked Lime paint from Little Greene Paint that I have painted the rest of the newly built kitchen units in. (These too have been skilfully and painstakingly constructed by the Elder of the Much-appreciated Men-Folk.) 

I also painted the chicken wire before stapling it into the frames of the cupboard doors - cutting myself on the sharp wire and bleeding bright red blood profusely all over the pale new paint, then fitted some Kate Forman linen fabric that I previously used in my former kitchen armoire (Roses of course) inside the doors. At least any blood stains blended into the rose pattern of the linen!

I am delighted with how it has turned out, and there have already been several admiring comments made about my floorboard kitchen cupboard.

There is a little more in the way of finishing off in the kitchen, including four shelves - two either side of the cupboard, but seeing the cupboard in place at long last has inspired me, and now that the painting of the stairs is completed I can concentrate on my sewing and finally finish off those kitchen curtains. 


PS Must remember to get a new camera - the water stain on my photos is driving me crazy!