Sunday, 19 October 2014

Creating (Part 2)

I just couldn't resist! 

Inspired by my new book, my fingers itched to try out some embroidery, so whilst the oils cooled for my Cold Process Soap, I found some tiny scraps of old linen and began the first tentative steps (or should I say stitches) on my embroidering journey. 

I was thrilled as the small stitches began to build and take the form of a picture. After adding the final two stitches for the last little bird, it was ready to hand-stitch into a tiny heart shaped key fob, which I filled with some of the Lavender I had dried from the garden;

here is the finished heart - what do you think? Isn't is sweet?

A Cottage Garden 

The key fob is attached to the clasp on an old wooden box which is somewhere on my (seriously lengthy) To-Do List to sand and distress with paler colours, but unfortunately that must wait for another day.

With the first heart completed, I simply had to try out another design -

 this time A Tree.

After the tree, followed

A Daisy

which reminded me of the lovely chamomile flowers at the Allotment, 

so I added some dried chamomile to the lavender when I stuffed it.

The hearts are so tiny;

this is the Cottage Garden heart beside a pound coin.

Thanks to Caroline Zoob, I look at Nature through new eyes - envisaging how I can capture scenes that I see everyday through embroidery. The Allotment now takes on a whole new perspective!

Before I can begin on that project however I must continue to prepare for Christmas At The Barn and with the soaps all made, it is time for my favourite part of the soap making process and that is to decorate them. This time using a whole variety of the gorgeous flowers and herbs that I have grown at the allotment.

Here is a sneak preview......