Monday, 30 December 2013

'Tis The Season....

I recently had a feeling of Deja vu. It's been that time of year again - the season where the weather outside is frightful........ Folks have been gathering and celebrating; the Solstice, Christmas, Family, but yet once more I have fallen victim to another horrible Winter Lurgy. I realised a fortnight ago to my disappointment that the Elderberry Tincture I prepared in August had not had the desired effect of boosting my immune system sufficiently to stave off the dreaded Lurgy. 

So I was banished again, leaving others to enjoy the festivities; not fit for frolicking as I coughed, croaked and spluttered and rested my aching head. Feasting only on painkillers, cough medicines and other such medications.

For me 2013 has not been the greatest of years. It began with a Winter Lurgy and now it has ended with another. Somewhere in the middle, I lost a month when I broke my toes. My allotmenting friend The Pearly Queen departed and then of course there is The Family - that so many members of the family have become lost to us through their affliction is such a tragic waste.

But it was not all doom and gloom, the year has brought positives also; a little L has come into the world to join her sister M; many glorious sunny days were spent outdoors during the summer - at the allotment, by the beach and in the garden; La Petite Maison has become a little less Petite with the addition of the new extension and then there was the exciting request for a soap order to Miami in Florida. (I shall tell you more about that when I can properly resume my soaping).

As I lay wrapped up in the warmth, listening to the elements outside - the gale-force winds and lashing rain, my enforced period of hibernation allowed me a respite from the interminable work at La Petite Maison, and also the challenge of keeping the men-folk motivated, (note that I have dropped the "much-appreciated"!) So now with the Lurgy at long last nearly departed I have drawn breath and am ready to face the final stretch that is needed to draw the saga of the restoration of La Petite Maison to a conclusion.

I am preparing myself now for the next few weeks when the en-suite will be completed, a wood-burning stove purchased, kitchen cabinets contrived (I have ideas - much to the men-folks dismay!), reclaimed flooring organised for the hall and extension and at last I shall be able to prepare my Creative Workshop in the converted roof-space. Then of course there are the gardens (currently a sea of mud) to turn my attention to! Oh and I mustn't forget my poor sadly neglected Allotment.

All in all then 2014 is shaping up to be another busy year. But I have gathered my strength and with the promise of;

gorgeous linens hanging at the windows and made into cushions,

Roses and Lavender blooming at the front door, and

when the weather turns cooler (and should I have the misfortune to succumb to another lurgy) a woodburning stove to curl up in front of with a nice warm drink of something,

I am thus raring to get going once more!