Monday, 6 August 2012

The Plot Transformed

I first introduced you to the allotment in July's post entitled "In The Beginning".

The plot then was littered with stubborn weeds, rubble and old carpets (of which were home to a multitude of mice).

After many months of clearing debris; hard digging; assembling picket fences and gates; creating terraced beds and paths with old railway sleepers and scaffolding planks; upcycling a shed and establishing a greenhouse, not to mention plenty of sowing, planting and weeding; the allotment has been transformed from the former neglected rubbish strewn wasteland that it was into the embodiment of the vision that I had when I first viewed the plot.

Now, approaching the plot from Sweet Pea Lane, old-fashioned scented Sweet Pea can be found scrambling over the picket fence,

while a profusion of jewel-like Nasturtiums line the boundary of the allotment at the bottom of the fence.

Deep pink, purple and red Poppies & Sweet Pea sway and dance behind the picket fence.

Viewed from the lane, Nasturtiums and Poppies surround the fence at the top of the steep slope; whilst the roof of the greenhouse catches the suns rays, and aged trees form a lush green backdrop.

Over the allotment fence beautiful Poppies with glimpses of Bergamot and Fennel behind.

Once through the gate turning to the left are Teasels, Poppies & Fennel jostling together behind the silver foliage & pink flowers of the Lychnis.

In the herb beds Fennel fronds brush against the Bergamot & Lemon Balm with Marjoram, Tarragon & Chives to the fore.

Viewed from below the herb beds a tangle of Poppies can be seen behind the Fennel.

Standing at the gate looking straight ahead, as the sunlight shimmers through the trees, vivid pink creeping thyme tumbles over the railway sleepers edging the path leading from the top to the shed at the bottom of the plot.

Where there were once weeds are now Lettuces, Broad Beans, Peas, Runner Beans, Rhubarb and Raspberries

A Teasel stands majestically alongside the thornless Blackberries.

Halfway down the plot, Peas clamber up the twiggy pea sticks and in the greenhouse are Tomatoes, Basil, Peppers and a Grapevine.

Sweet Corn and yellow Sunflowers raise their heads upwards towards the sun and orange Calendula spills over onto the path leading to the greenhouse.

At the bottom Bees buzz busily amongst the Borage

Sweet Pea and Borage along the picket fence frames the duck egg blue painted shed.

In the beginning I conjured up visions of winding paths, fruit trees, delicious peas scrambling through twiggy pea sticks, fragrant herb beds, old-fashioned roses and sweet pea clambering over picket fences. I think that what has been achieved so far has definitely come close!

What do you think?



Anonymous said...

Such a transformation from the beginning,drenched with beautiful colours and everlasting fragrance.just lookin at these lovely pictures is so refreshing. If there was thunder and lightening,pouring down with rain, your allotment would still look as good as it does on a warm sunny day! love your blog!always look forward on whats coming next.xx

Anonymous said...

What an amazing transformation! Well done. And I love the colour of the shed - we must have similar tastes as I've painted my allotment shed the same colour :)

kathleen said...

It's a work of art! Wonderful...well done!

Charlotte Garden said...

Let's hope we get plenty of sunny days this year to enjoy the plot. xx

Jenni Clutten said...

What an amazing space, I hope I can do something similar in our veg patch next year,

Laura Gardner said...

Charlotte, your beautiful allotment has been a huge inspiration to me - I've read and re-read this post and it has sustained me in my long wait for an allotment of my own... Yesterday I finally got to the top of the waiting list and am now a very excited allotment holder! I hope I can make it as beautiful as yours! Thank you for sharing your wonderful transformation.

Charlotte Garden said...

Hi Laura. I was overjoyed when I got the plot, so I know how thrilled you must be. I still love every minute I spend there. Do let me know how you get on with your allotment - whether through pinterest or blogging, I would love to see your progress. Good luck.

Michelle Williams said...

Absolutely beautiful. Looking at what you've done totally inspires me to do the same this summer. Just brought some nasturtium from the garden centre and I have my sweet peas on the windowsill .

Hilary Bravo said...

I love your allotment! I have now become an allotment tenant and have started to do some of the very very basic work with a view to creating a beautiful little paradise too.