Friday, 17 August 2012

Sun, Sea, Sand & Shells

Come walk with me beside the sea

Where dusk sits on the land,

And search with me,

For shells are free

And treasures hide in the sand.

Aside from the allotment my other most favourite place to be is beside the sea. On a sunny day, if time is short, the beach on the shore of the lough provides an unexpected coastal retreat from the City.

Snatching a spare half an hour to sit and watch the waves.

However on a glorious day, when time is not of an essence, the closest thing to paradise is to walk through the area that the wild ponies graze,

escaping to the beach along the coast that is a designated nature reserve

and lay amongst the sand dunes, savouring the expanse of sand, sea and blue sky and the smell of salt and seaweed on the light sea breeze. Relishing the silence save for the background sounds of the mournful cries of seagulls circling overhead and the sea moving ceaselessly as though it were inhaling and exhaling.

The sea air smells fresh and clean.

The sun sparkles on the tops of the waves as their white crests tumble and roll then spill, swirling gently across the sand, washing away the footprints and leaving the beach pure and unspoiled. 

Whenever I am by the sea, I cannot resist the enchantment of searching for treasure along the shore; whether it be a special shell, or sun-bleached driftwood of all shapes and sizes or a piece of coloured glass or pottery with the edges smoothed by waves tossing it relentlessly against the sand.

The memories of my time spent by the sea are captured through these treasures as they later become incorporated into my handmade creations.

Such as my shell and driftwood wind chimes

My handmade Sea Garden Soap (Jardin de la Mer)

Boxed Sea Garden Soap

My handmade Sea Garden Soap captures the essence of the ocean; containing mineral rich kelp, sand to help with exfoliation and Lavender, Rosemary, Peppermint and Eucalyptus Essential Oils and is decorated with lace, natural jute string, along with a small piece of driftwood and a shell that have been discovered during one of my seaside treasure quests.

As I leave the beach and return back through the area with the wild ponies, butterflies and dune flowers, I feel refreshed and rejuvenated. I have shells in my pocket and sand in my shoes.....

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Jodie said...

Oh to be like you whenever I grow up. I love looking for special treasures on he beach. I like the pictures of the seaside