Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Upcycling The Shed

With the greenhouse established, it was now time to turn my attention to the old weather beaten (and let's face it - rather unsightly) shed at the bottom of the plot. I am a great advocate of recycling and upcycling, and the shed that I had been given the previous year afforded me the perfect opportunity for doing just so.

The old rustic bricks had been laid to form a path to the door of the shed, and on one side of the path, (where the bricks had been stacked), in front of the picket fence screening off the hawthorn hedge at the bottom of the plot, an area for a little garden was created, with teasels; roses; foxgloves and hollyhocks that I had sown from seed.

Once a few loose boards had been repaired, the shed which was an incongruous peeling orangey-red colour was then re-painted with a more harmonious blue/green colour appropriately named "Wild Thyme." Leaving enough room for a seating area, another picket fence was erected to the other side of the shed and sweet pea and borage planted along it.

Honey bees buzz around the blue star-shaped flowers of the borage, and sweet-pea blooms scramble over the picket fence framing the newly painted shed.

Two tea-towels in a vintage style duck-egg blue with faded pink roses were hung at the window as curtains.

As a finishing touch (for the moment!) pots with hollyhocks and clematis rescued from attacking snails in the garden at home were placed beside the door and window. 

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