Monday, 23 July 2012

Time Out

My life has escalated into one frenetic whirlwind of doing; of sowing, sewing & soaping (not to mention "sawing" and "salvaging" at the Renovation Project!). Whirling from one thing to the next I never seem to have time to look around me and absorb the here and now. However now that at least the busy time at the allotment has passed it can be left to get on with producing whilst we reap the rewards of the harvest.

Thus I have decided to take a little time out to -

smell the roses;

the chamomile;

the lavender;

and to enjoy the fruits of my labours before my next busy time of year begins with the onset of the Fairs.

(It is now over two months since my much-loved friend and her other half disappeared over the horizon along with the restored French furniture, back to her family and homeland down under, so this little blog is for her to keep in touch with how the good life is continuing back here in the rather soggy UK.)

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