Saturday, 19 May 2018


At last the sun is shining and everywhere is bathed in glorious sunlight.

I have been busy at The Allotment, where the fruit trees are blossoming;

the Bramley Apple tree and the Cox's Pippin Apple tree covered with soft pink apple-blossom amongst the new glossy leaves.

The trees in the garden are dripping with blossom and a visit to one of my favourite walled gardens 

also found the newly planted Apple trees in the orchard laden with blossom.

The recent Stitchery project was of a bird's nest in amongst branches covered with pink blossoms,

but surrounded as I am with so many real and beautiful subjects, I could not resist interpreting the design to reflect the trees around me.

In another few days the wind will have blown the blossom from the branches to cover the ground in a pink and white confetti; but happily what is left behind is the promise of a bountiful harvest of apples.


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