Thursday, 8 December 2016

Soaps and Roses - A Case of Stolen Identity?

Life has been extremely hectic recently at La Petite Maison. For the moment Soaping has fallen off the list of priorities. 

However I do intend to resume Soaping, Sewing, Sowing and Growing in the New Year when life should at last hopefully have settled down to a more relaxing pace. (Does it ever?) Several exciting new ideas are already underway.

I have a love / hate relationship with technology and the internet. I am inspired by the multitude of other talented artists and creators sharing their creations on-line, whilst at the same time struggling to persevere through hateful hacking and malware threats, (a major factor in my recent on-line absence).

I know that many of the photos of my soaps have been pinned and also put on other websites. Happily in the cases that I am aware of they have been credited back to this site. 

I was however a little bit bemused to discover recently that another Soaps and Roses has suddenly sprung up on-line with a launch imminent. (Coincidence perhaps?)

It is of course always a risk when putting creations and ideas on-line that someone will copy them - (should one feel flattered or irritated?) Soaps and Roses is my original idea and my creations are my own! The Original "Soaps and Roses" is not on Facebook or other social media sites, so for anyone viewing this site, please do not confuse this Soaps and Roses Blog with any other site with the same name.

I shall be back soon to share some new soaps and sewing creations with you! I hope also to put some of these on my Etsy shop so that it will be possible at last to purchase on-line from The Original Soaps and Roses!

In the meantime;

 Season's Greetings and a Happy New Year to all.


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