Saturday, 26 April 2014

Yellow Is The Colour

I have to say it - I really am not keen on the colour Yellow!

Out of all the colours on the spectrum I confess that I like yellow the least.

 I do not possess any yellow clothes; none of my decorating schemes contain yellow and I would definitely not choose to drive a yellow car. Red, pink, white and cream roses I adore - but not bright Yellow.

However, as I went about my business today, everywhere I looked I saw splashes of vibrant yellow. There were Dandelions in the verge along the roadside; Buttercups in the fields; - and I couldn't help but feel uplifted and cheerful as this bright sunny colour stained a formerly grey and dreary world with the welcome warming tint of Spring.

I saw Gorse;

the vivid buttery yellow of the gorse flower bright against the blue sky,

the delicious coconut scent transporting me back to childhood days as I walked with my parents in baking hot sunshine along country tracks leading to mountains and seaside.

(Is it any wonder that the Gorse Bach Flower Remedy is recommended for bringing the sunshine back into your life when sadness is all around?)

I saw yellow Daffodils

and a Spring Lamb gamboling.

 From the kitchen window I saw the profusion of glorious yellow pom-pom flowers of the Jew's Mallow (otherwise known as Bachelor's Buttons or Japanese Rose) in the garden.

Then I thought how I love to see the long tassels (or to be correct - racemes) of yellow bloom that once the mallow fades, will soon be festooning the Laburnum tree.

and later the bold Sunflowers at the allotment

The glowing Achillea Moonshine that I cut and dry, 

then use to decorate my Handmade Soap,

Mediterranean Citrus

and Chamomile Soap.

My handmade herbal soaps that are coloured yellow, thanks to the natural dye from Calendula, also known for it's skin healing benefits.

 For the first time I really noticed the vibrant yellow colours in the floral design on my vintage china, laid out on an old embroidered tablecloth.

Suddenly I realise that I actually love yellow! Yellow is beautiful - it is sunshine, warmth, happiness and Spring.

I feel the need to make a yellow floral arrangement,

and to incorporate yellow into my decorating scheme for La Petite Maison.....

 Perhaps I should trade my sensible silver Mini Cooper for a dazzlingly flamboyant yellow car?

OK, perhaps that is a step too far, but maybe, just maybe I shall find myself a yellow raincoat to bring some sunshine to a drab day,

or should I just buy that pair of trousers to wear down at the allotment?

As my conversion to loving yellow grows, I find myself browsing the David Austin catalogue and so who knows, a yellow rose may actually find a home in Le Jardin de La Petite Maison!


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--Leanan-- said...

Beautiful flower photos. I also don't like yellow color, I don't know why but my eyes hurt when I look at a yellow thing(sun included). Still I loved Laburnum tree. It's amazing even with those yellow flowers. It reminds me of Robinia pseudoacacia.