Sunday, 5 May 2013

Staying Calm

As work on the extension à La Petite Maison progresses, 

so the stress levels get progressively higher. Not all is going to plan and in order to fit a new beam a hole had to be smashed into the top corner of the bathroom. Yes and when I say bathroom, what I am referring to is -

The Newly Plastered.......

 ......and Painted Bathroom!

Bathroom complete with New Hole

But it is okay - I accept that these things are necessary, albeit inconvenient. Upon viewing my recently plastered bathroom plus hole, I am proud to say that I did actually manage to remain reasonably calm.

However, the premature but essential removal of an existing large window to also facilitate the installation of the new beam caused my stress levels to ricochet off the scale. Mr Long Suffering had suffered enough of my stress and in frosty silence left me to own devices, as I - along with the Elder of the Much-Appreciated-Men-Folk, fabricated and welded a complicated contraption worthy of something from Scrapheap Challenge involving reinforcing mesh, steel bars, wire, acrows, old doors and anything else we could find to fill the space where the window had been.

Following this I sought solace and refuge at the allotment, where just to add to my stress, I found to my horror that some of the seedlings in the greenhouse were in trouble and others had inexorably vanished. There is obviously an unwelcome visitor (of the slimy variety) lurking somewhere around the seed trays. Not good news!

Taking a deep breath, I left the greenhouse and the struggling seedlings for the time being and to the accompaniment of birds singing in the hawthorn hedge, I sat down at the little table beside the shed and indulged in a herbal tea

and the latest edition of Country Living Magazine.

As I sit soaking up the sun - enjoying the daffodils and the cheery sign of seedlings sprouting in the beds, I start to feel calmer. So in true nostalgic teenage form .......

...... I shall leave you with this picture and pretend to you that this is me, in the garden at La Petite Maison after a hard days gardening!


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