Monday, 26 November 2012

Out Of Space

In case you have all been wondering where I have disappeared to, I must tell you that I have encountered a slight hurdle to my blogging adventure.

The very nice people at Google suddenly decided to tell me - without warning would you believe? that I have used up all my space!! Now when I took the leap as a novice into the great unknown world of blogging I didn't see any mention of this space allocation thing! If I had been aware of it, then maybe I wouldn't have started off with Blogger and would have investigated some of the other options - Typepad or Wordpress. Oh yes, I can carry on writing but no more photos if you please, and what is text without pictures?

So I have been faced with this conundrum and am working on how to overcome the problem. It is most annoying as I have only been blogging since July of this year and was just starting to find my blogging feet. I don't want to give up just as I have started. 

I have searched to see if other bloggers have had the same problem and many bloggers have been blogging away, uploading photos FOR YEARS with Blogger without encountering this warning. So where have I gone wrong?

If you have any advice I would greatly appreciate it. 



Anonymous said...

I can't imagine! I've never heard of this happening to anyone. I'm on WordPress and don't really know how blogger works but I wonder ... have you downsized all your photos to 72 dpi before uploading them? You can probably "buy" more space but this just shouldn't be happening to you this early in your blogging adventure.

HolleyGarden said...

Linda at Southern Rural Route sent out a SOS on this. I wish I could help you, but probably not. I only know that Cher at Sunray Gardening was told by Blogger several months ago that she was out of space by using too many photos in her header, and that in order to upload more she would have to pay. So, I'm wondering if the problem is only with your header space? I put tons of photos on my posts, but am now very careful with my header. You could contact her and see what she did. Wish I could help you more. Good luck! And if/when you find out, please do a post - we would all benefit from this information!