Friday, 28 September 2012

An Autumn Day

Waking early, the mist rolling over the fields presents an ethereal view. Everything is still and silent save for the distant sound of the caw caw of rooks. 

The rising sun highlights the very tops of the trees with a golden fire, offering the promise of a glorious autumn day.

Bales of hay scattered randomly across the field appear dark and shadowy through the early morning mist.

As the sun grew stronger the surrounding countryside was bright with vivid autumnal colours - tempting me,


luring me away from everyday tasks such as painting windows (more of that to come)
and outside for a walk.

In the garden - red berries of the rowan tree bright against the blue skies.

At the allotment rosehips and hawthorn berries. 

I headed South to one of my favourite places -

Audley's Castle beside the shore of the Lough

At the foot of the castle is Green Row
a little line of olde world cottages, nestled amongst a backdrop of trees.

Through the trees a brief glimpse of the lough; a smell of wood smoke mingled in the air with the faintly salty tang of the lough.

Climbing higher now, a view through the trees of the other side of the lough.

Dappled orange and yellow hued autumn leaves cloak the trees whilst beneath - the fallen leaves create an autumnal blanket upon the grass.

In the distance a surreal view of The Temple of the Winds against the blue of the lough and the patchwork of fields on the opposite shore.

Little by little the trees discard their leaves - bare branches poking through the remaining rust coloured foliage  like fingers.

Walking further the grassy tree lined lane-way curves to the left 

to the viewpoint of the lough and the village on the opposite side.

As usual I cannot help but gather treasures during my walks and an autumn walk offers plenty. Fallen leaves in reds, oranges and yellows; beech nuts; lichen covered twigs; rosehips and pinecones are gathered en route and brought home to bring autumn indoors.

Walking back a single leaf fluttered and whirled through the air, catching on my scarf. To catch a leaf a message brief! Sure enough when I returned home there was a message letting me know that The Captain had sadly passed away. This is a great loss to our little allotment community and to the Gardening Club of which he was a member. He was an amazing man.

The Captain grew several beautiful Poppies on his Plot, so here is a Poppy in remembrance of The Captain.

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