Monday, 22 January 2018

"The Stitchery"

I first started blogging as a means to update family who I do not see very often and friends who had moved to sunnier climes. A diary / newsletter of progress of the renovation work and life in general at La Petite Maison along with my soap creations. 

That chapter of the renovations was at long last thankfully completed some time ago

and my soaping enterprise that I struggled to devote sufficient time to fully developing has diversified and has now begun to encompass my stitching creations.

Summer Meadow


This month I commenced an exciting new project called, 

“The Stitchery,”

where I will work on improving my stitching ability with the help of the very talented Nicki - (the creativity behind "The Stitchery.")

This months embroidery pattern was a wreath containing dried hydrangeas, pepper berries, snowberries and foliage, to be stitched onto the vintage linen with a combination of French Knots, Fly Stitch, Stem Stitch and Lazy Daisy Stitch.

The design was different from any of the embroidery that I have done before, but I enjoyed the intricacy of the stitches. 

I personalised the design slightly by stitching into the centre of the wreath

 a dried Larkspur flower and some Marjoram.

Next months eagerly awaited design is still under wraps, but before it arrives, I have several other of my own designs waiting to be transferred into stitch. I must confess that this is a very addictive past-time and it is all too easy to become so engrossed that several hours have slipped by unnoticed. 

It is just as well the renovating is finished - I would never be able to fit it in between all this embroidery!


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