Monday, 18 December 2017

Moving On and Moving In

You may recall the arrival last year of The Black Cat?

Throughout the summer the black cat frequently materialised in the garden - silent and aloof, making no attempt to be friendly.

I watched it as it discovered and indulged in the heady aroma of the narcotic Nepeta cat mint.

Then almost a year since it first appeared, the black cat disappeared as suddenly and mysteriously as it arrived.

"Hedge Cat"

Evie was relieved - she was at last able to snooze under the hedge in peace,

and relax 

while soaking up the summer sun.

With the unexpected and sad demise of my neighbour, she has become an official resident now at La Petite Maison and has a cosy little kennel in the summer-house.

"I am not amused"

However, at 15 years of age, and after the horrendous injuries inflicted upon her in 2015, she deserves a quiet comfortable life and as the weather turned colder I broke my resolve to not have any pets indoors -

so Evie now spends most of her time snuggled up, absorbing the heat in her new little bed beside the radiator underneath my sewing table.


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