Tuesday, 27 February 2018

February's Stitchery and The Cloak of Invisibility!

When I was younger, I used to surround myself with the “Cloak of Invisibility” in situations where I really did not want to be recognised. (Parents can be so embarrassing at times!)

Sometimes it worked, but occasionally if I was particularly anxious about not being seen then it usually failed and I would be spectacularly noticeable to the very people I wanted to avoid. (Oh, the angst….especially the time when Dad cut my hair!!!!)

Now that I am "middle-aged", I find that the Cloak of Invisibility attaches itself to me in many ways! There are times of course that it is useful to remain inconspicuous and quietly go about my business without attracting attention.

I have found however, that increasingly people appear not to see me or hear what I say, turning their attention instead to ones younger, glamorous and more conforming to modern society. But when suddenly my e-mails (and blog comments) have not been able to find me and apparently gone astray in cyber space and then most annoyingly, my post does not arrive – I began to surmise that I must now actually be permanently invisible.

The most recent example of this has been February’s Stitchery project – due to arrive on Valentine’s Day. I watched as one by one the photos posted by other subscribers showed first the unveiling of the design and accompanying fripperies,

swiftly followed by further photos of the already completed design and then embroidered variations of the design. I waited patiently for my own package to arrive, but as each day passed, I had an ominous sense of foreboding that it was not going to materialise. (A letter of complaint is currently en-route to Royal Mail; but whether they pay any attention to me or not is debatable!) A very pleasant conversation with Nicki ensued and she kindly dispatched another package.

The delay in starting Nicki’s heart design was actually not a bad thing after all, as it gave me an opportunity to complete another embroidery vaguely inspired by the photos I took last year of Wildflower Meadows in the nearby Rose Gardens close to where I live.

This flamboyant lone Poppy floating audaciously high in the air simply cried out to be embroidered.

At first the picture was centred around the poppy, but I ended up including variations of the other photos I took that day into the scene, such as a scaled down tree and ox-eyed daisies.

By the weekend, the Stitchery project had still not arrived and I was close to screaming in frustration. The sweet little elderly gentleman who delivers my post was startled when I pounced upon him, fiercely demanding to know where my embroidery package was.

Stitching postponed again, I spent a day down at the allotment, (more on that later). There is nothing like being surrounded by Nature to make one feel alive and grounded.

Viewing the other instagrammers embroidery projects and those pinned onto Pinterest makes me realise I definitely have a long way to go before I can be confident about my own embroidery creations, so the tuition and guidance Nicki offers in The Stitchery is much needed.

However, everyone’s style is individual, so I must be content that my embroidery work portrays an informal and impressionistic image of nature. At least my little stitched pictures are tangible evidence that sometimes I am here and not always shrouded by my cloak of invisibility.

The heart embroidery kit has still not arrived and I am getting a little stressed about the second non-delivery now. March is nearly here and another design will soon be released. Despite the current cold weather, this Cloak is not always welcome!

(After some late night detective work, it was discovered that a technological gremlin was responsible for the kit going astray. Thanks to Nicki for all her patience - hopefully all is resolved now and I will soon be practicing the new Bullion knot stitches).


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